Live Stream – “Dorothy In Oz”

If you’re free this Sunday, May 17, at 7:30 PM (ET), The Rage of the Stage Players will be presenting our first-ever dramatized livestream play reading, “DOROTHY IN OZ”!

This nationally, and internationally produced dark comedy, features a talented, multi-state cast, and tells the tale of a bipolar Dottie Gale (Katy Grant), who, while involuntarily committed to The Ozlin Institute, is treated with an experimental drug called “Cyclozil,” a pill that plunges her into a distorted, maddening version of the hospital, known simply as, “Oz.” There, she’s joined by a trio of other troubled patients: Skarekrow (Ryan Ott), a heroin-addicted goth-rocker; Rusty (Alex Blair), a heartless, volatile, ax-wielding biker; and Mr. Lyons (Dave Joseph), a perverted sex-addict, in desperate need of some “courage” below the belt. Can three such disturbed individuals help Dottie to get home, while keeping her out of the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the West Wing (Jen James) and her “lab monkeys” (Shawn Davies, Violet Hunt, and Erik Thompson)?

Join us this Sunday for our FREE reading and find out the answer for yourself! (Warning: This one’s NOT for the kiddies!)

ROTS.LIVE/OZ or via The Rage of the Stage Players’ Fan Page

If you’re a thespian yourself, and have an interest in finding out more about this, or any of my other off-the-wall scripts and monologues, please feel free to contact me (James Michael Shoberg) personally, or visit my playwriting group: