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The Rage of the Stage Players eagerly announce our world premiere horror play for our 20th season—“MISERABLE CREATURES” (inspired by the novel, “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus,” by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley)! For years, Rage fans have inquired as to if/when we’d apply our patented brand of theatrical reinvention to Shelley’s classic, and we’ve replied, time and again, that we would only consider it, if the muse took us, and we came up with what we believe to be a fresh, unique concept that also truly excited us. That time has arrived.

As such, Rage is now accepting submissions of interest from actors (18 and over) in and around Pittsburgh for casting consideration. Although the story is in place, the script is still in the composition-phase, so that enables even greater casting flexibility, as I’m known to write roles for specific actors. Either way, those cast will get the opportunity to originate a role for the very first time in a world premiere play, as well as be an integral part of its development. Be aware that this production will be our darkest, most intense, and most visceral to date. If you are not familiar with the graphic content and visual style associated with Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, this production is not for you.

If you are interested in the production, please submit the following:
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– Your performance résumé (or a list of any experience, if any)
– Your stats (height, weight, actual age, etc.)

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In a bleak city, in a nebulous time, Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant doctor, whose pursuit is cutting-edge neurological studies, develops a brain modification device he dubs “Prometheus,” for a prestigious institute. But, when it’s discovered that he’s been conducting unauthorized human trials, in his apparent ambition to realize the full potential of the machine, with little regard to the risks, his program is suspended.

Soon after, while sharing a celebratory evening out with his best friend, Victor’s younger brother, William, an equally brilliant, and extremely kindhearted young student, runs afoul of a volatile thug, named Felix De Lacey. Felix beats William within an inch of his life, leaving him a battered husk, and destroying his formerly bright future. In a fitting twist of fate, while in police custody, Felix is also beaten nearly to death by other savage offenders.

Victor, crushed under the weight of his inconsolable despair, enlists help in the acquisition and restoration of Felix’s broken body, before undertaking a mad endeavor to use “Prometheus” to overwrite Felix’s brain with William’s intellect and memories.

A fateful lightning strike during the procedure, however, sets the stage for heartbreak and calamity, as Felix rises once more, his consciousness not erased, but cohabiting with that of his last victim. Victor is then left to watch the bloody consequences of his reckless decisions, as those around him fall at the hands of his creation.

A combination of grim neo-noir and Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, “MISERABLE CREATURES” is a dark and visceral exploration of how hubris and ambition can blind one to the ethical ramifications of one’s own actions—until it’s too late.

(It’s important to note that Rage’s casting is always flexible and inclusive, but the genders listed below are the “character genders” required. In other words, they must be played as listed. All roles are also flexible in regard to ethnicity, with the exception of SAFIE, who must be a non-Caucasian performer.)


DR. VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (Male – Late 20s/30s) – A brilliant doctor in the field of neuroscience.

DR. ELIZABETH LAVENZA (Female – Late 20s/30s) – A compassionate clinical psychologist, who is in a relationship with Victor Frankenstein.

JUSTIN MORITZ (Male – 18 to 20s) – The best friend of Victor Frankenstein’s youngest brother, William. Justin is a handsome young man with a wild streak.

DETECTIVE WALTON (Male/Female – 30s and up) – A case-hardened detective, who does not believe that Victor Frankenstein’s connection to recent local disappearances and murders is mere coincidence.

MR. DE LACEY (Male – 50s and up) – A vulgar, mean-spirited, terminally ill blind man. Mr. De Lacey is Felix De Lacey’s father, and, in large part, the source of Felix’s aggressive tendencies.

VARIOUS (Male/Female – 18 and up) – Performers who will assume an array of additional characters within the play as needed.

Thank you for your interest in The Rage of the Stage Players’ 19th season as Pittsburgh’s only self-funded, not-for-profit, dark, alternative theatre company!