Don’t miss The Rage of the Stage Players’ own “nightmare” before Christmas! “NANCY NIGHTMARE’S F*CKED-UP FAIRY TALE”!

The company who brought you “Alice’s Adventures in ‘Wonderland'”, “Dorothy In Oz”, and “Winnie-the-Pooh and the Seven Deadly Sins”, is back with an all-new merciless assault upon your childhood memories!


At Black Forest High School, a teenage goth-girl named Nancy doesn’t seem to fit in. Mocked by her classmates (shallow stereotypes all), she just grits her teeth and waits out her time until the bell rings. One day, when she’s kept after class by her equally dismissive teacher and tasked to complete her overdue creative writing assignment, Nancy turns it into an opportunity to reimagine herself as “Nancy Nightmare”, the provocative vamp she always wished herself to be. Now, with total control, she sets about punishing and humiliating her would-be educator and teenage tormentors by writing them into a twisted story as warped versions of beloved, well-known fairy tale characters, wherein they’re forced to comply with the narrative SHE composes AS she composes it. What follows, is an outrageous adult bedtime story that takes a serrated stab at our society.

“If it ain’t ‘woke’, don’t fix it.”

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